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About JazzScheme

JazzScheme is a development system based on extending the Scheme programming language and the Gambit system. It includes a module system, hygienic macros, object-oriented programming, a full-featured cross-platform application framework, a fully programmable IDE and a build system that creates executable binaries for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. JazzScheme has been used for more than 20 years to develop commercial software.



JazzScheme was born in 1996 out of some profound convictions:
  • Lisp is one of the greatest tools to experiment with new concepts and implement them.
  • There is no single truth in computer science and Lisp's meta-language capabilities and dynamic nature makes it the ideal language to unify in a coherent approach many great paradigms like:
    • Functional programming
    • Object-Oriented programming
    • Component programming
  • The Lisp community should not be dreaming of sophisticated GUIs and IDEs but instead be the one pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished!
‘‘A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing.’’ -- Alan J. Perlis


  • Promote the use of Lisp based languages
    • Not by trying to convince people of their advantages
    • But by enabling people to create and commercialize radical products that would have been almost impossible to develop using mainstream languages (time, cost, feasibility, ...)
  • In the long run, enable more Lisp/Scheme programmers to develop at work in the language they love :)
  • Bring back joy to programming!

Operating Systems

The Jazz kernel runs on most operating systems. It is entirely written in mostly portable pure Scheme with the wonderfull Gambit Scheme system as primary target.

The cross-platform GUI is a high level framework written in Jazz that uses Cairo for backend. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and X11.


JazzScheme is released under a dual Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 or GNU General Public License v2 or later . Choose whichever license you prefer.


If you are interested in JazzScheme, you can join our discussion group at http://groups.google.com/group/jazzscheme

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